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Greetings, fellow Bedfordians and Bedfordites! Ready to add a pinch of pizzazz to your event? Look no further than Close-Up Magician, Carl Charlesworth – the secret ingredient to turning any gathering into a magical merriment!

Why Bedford? Because Where Else Would You Rather Be?

Let's face it, Bedford is known for its charming riverside, historic sites, and now, for hosting the funniest magician this side of the Ouse. Our magician is like Bedford itself – a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered

Magical Mischief UnleashedBrace Yourselves!

  1. Close-Up Magic – So Close, You Might Accidentally Swap Spit: Prepare to witness miracles inches away from your face. From card tricks that defy logic to sleight of hand that rivals your attempts to find the TV remote, our magician's got it all.

  2. Comedy That Hits Harder Than Bedford's Roundabouts: Life's too short for boring events. Our magician brings the laughs faster than a Bedford bus to the town center. Expect witty banter, cheeky jokes, and maybe a pun or two – because what's a magical performance without a sprinkle of silliness?

  3. Audience Participation – Because It's Fun to Embarrass Your Mates: Get ready to be the star of the show! Carl, the Bedford magician thrives on making you the centre of attention. Don't worry; embarrassment is just another form of Bedfordian hospitality

Booking Information – Because Even Magic Needs a Plan!

To book Close-Up Magician / Magic Master Charlesworth before he magically disappears (temporarily, of course), contact us at:

📞 Call: 07749 541943

📧 Email

Disclaimer: No rabbits, doves, or wands were harmed during the making of these magical moments. Our magician is an animal-friendly wizard – even the pigeons in Bedford approve!


Get ready, Bedford! It's time to turn your event from bland to grand with a touch of magic and a dollop of laughter. Our Close-Up Magician is poised to make your gathering the talk of the town (or at least the River Great Ouse)! 🎩✨

close up magician bedford
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