Your Questions Answered

Can parents stay to watch?

Absolutely! The parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy the show. Parents enjoy the show as much as their children. It's Family Entertainment.

What age group are the shows for?

The magic show works best for ages four to eight

Is there a limit on guest numbers?

Carl has performed for five kids at a birthday party, 200 at a school, 500 on a cruise ship, right up to 3500 spectators in the largest theatre in Europe. So, no.

How far will Carl travel?

Carl is based in Buckinghamshire but has clients nationwide, so is willing to travel anywhere. A small travel fee may be added for bookings over 50 miles away. (Or London, cos' traffic).

How much notice does Carl need for a booking?

The earlier you book, the better. That said, if you book at short notice, Carl can still take bookings on a date where he already has shows.

Does Carl require any equipment?

No equipment. Just access to power.

How much performance space does Carl need?

Carl has performed in a small apartment and a giant theatre. He can make almost anything work, but your job is to guesstimate and prepare an area so Magic Carl can give you a great show.

Is Carl on Social Media?


See links on website.

Does Carl have a show for adults?


Take a look.