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Kids Entertainer, Northampton

Northampton Children's Entertainer

Magic Carl is now offering his shows in the Northampton and the whole Northamptonshire area.

A little about Northampton Children's Magician, Magic Carl

Carl's shows have been in popular demand for twenty years for Birthdays, weddings, schools, festivals, family events, 

TV, celebrity events & more, as well as worldwide and on cruise ships.

• Best International Comedy Act, with Carl & Dave.

• Family Entertainer of the Year 2017.

• Children's Entertainer of the Year.​

• Voted Best Close-Up Magician in Buckinghamshire 2017.

• Voted Best Wedding Magician in the UK 2016.

• Stage Magician of the Year 2014.

• Technical Sleight of hand Magician of the year 2015.

• Award for Comedy 2016.

• LUX Best Close-up Magician in Buckinghamshire 2017.

• Event Magician of the Year. 2018 Global Entertainment Awards.

kids magic show northampton

Magic Show

Forty-five minutes of laughter, fun and interaction, which includes comedy magic and a funny ventriloquism 

puppet act. 


This show is great for ages 4 plus.


Games & Magic

A ninety-minute show: 

Music, dancing, games and a magic show. The games are non-elimination games, which means no child feels left out. 

Best for ages 6 plus.

Anybody can say they're the best children's entertainer in Northampton. But not everyone can prove they are. Northampton kids magician, Magic Carl can.. And will. Well how's this? When you hire Magic Carl the Northampton magician, he will offer you your money back if you don't love the magic show. You can't get better than that! Children's entertainers in Northampton and kids entertainers in Northampton love performing in these towns. Carl says, "Northampton have shown me some of my best audiences. I love it there".

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