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magician hire milton keynes


So you want to know more about me? Of course! Why wouldn't you?

You're paying good money to hire me.. You need to know you're getting the best entertainer money can buy! You know I'm not the cheapest magician / comedian. If you wanted a cheap entertainer, you wouldn't be on my website. You're here because you're looking for quality entertainment. 

My Story

As you probably know by now, after browsing this website, I have been performing magic shows since 1999. I have been doing it full time since 2007.

Before all this, I was a security dog handler and dog trainer. I worked for a security company where I would guard high profile clients with my dog. I was trained by professional dog trainers how to train dogs. I trained my first dog for protection work. This lead to training domestic dogs.

While performing magic at weekends - during the week I studied dog behaviour and dog training techniques, and worked with dogs.

In 2007 I realised that my magic shows were becoming more popular and therefore forced myself to make a decision.. Do I continue working seven days a week (dog training Monday to Friday and magic shows at the weekend), or do I quit dog training and make entertainment my full-time career? Well as you know I chose the latter. And I'm glad I did!

It took four years from then, to make my entertainment business successful and become financially comfortable. So from March 2007 to early February 2019, I was a successful and highly demanded magician and comedian.

I appeared on a few TV shows, I performed on cruise ships, did shows abroad in many countries, performed with and for celebrities, performed at hundreds of holiday parks and theatres. I have done loads of birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and charity events, and have had loads of tours.

Early February 2019, I was booked for a 50 day tour and was about to sign a contract for a new ITV show, where I was to be on 9 episodes of the first series.. But then... Covid came along! The tour was cancelled and the TV recording was cancelled. Obviously all upcoming shows cancelled too.

After the pandemic, the bookings gradually started to come back in!


Pre-covid I did the odd weekday show, two shows at holiday parks, a couple shows on a Friday, three on a Saturday and two on a Sunday, so around ten shows a week. Now.. I'm averaging four shows a week, and that number is getting higher each month and will soon be back to the number it was pre-pandemic.

My entertainment career has been an incredible journey. I absolutely love my life as a magician and comedian! I will always be an entertainer and will always do magic and comedy, Entertainment is my main job. I'll do the odd dog training job when they come in. But my heart is still and forevermore with entertaining. 

To hire me to perform comedy and magic at your event, please fill in this form.

Thank you for reading!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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