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St Albans Shenanigans: Hire a Close-Up Magician and Let the Laughs Commence!

Greetings, fine folk of St Albans! Tired of events as lively as a hedgehog's nap? Fret not, for we bring you the cure to dull gatherings – the St Albans Close-Up Magician, Carl Charlesworth! Brace yourselves for a magical infusion of giggles and gasps

Why Opt for St Albans? Because Where Else Could Be More Quaintly Eccentric?

St Albans, known for its ancient charm, bustling markets, and now, the magician ready to make your event more memorable than a medieval jousting match

Magical Merriment – Closer Than a Squirrel to a Nut!

  1. Close-Up Magic – So Intimate, You'll Know the Magician's Favourite Tea Blend: Prepare to be mystified right under your nose. Our magician can turn a deck of cards into confetti and your disbelief into admiration. Watch closely – it's almost as intricate as navigating the Verulamium traffic roundabout.

  2. Comedy That Tickles More Than a Feather Duster at Ye Olde Antique Shop: Get ready for a chuckle marathon! Our magician is armed with jokes as sharp as the spires and puns as timeless as the history of St Albans. Your laughter is the real treasure buried in Verulamium Park.

  3. Audience Participation – Because It's Not a Spectacle Without a Bit of Chaos: Get involved! Our magician loves turning your aunties and mates into unwitting accomplices. Don't worry; embarrassment is just the price you pay for a front-row seat to magic

Booking Information – Because Even Magic Needs a Plan!

To secure the enchanting services of our Close-Up Magician (before he magically disappears – temporarily, we assure you), contact us at:

📞 Call: 07749 541943

📧 Email

Disclaimer: No spires, squirrels, or historical artifacts were harmed during the creation of this magical experience. Our magician is a certified custodian of St Albans charm

St Albans, prepare for a magical escapade like never before! Your event is about to be the talk of the town, and the spires will bow in awe. 🎩✨

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