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Welcome to the unique World of Carl Charlesworth

Prepare to be amazed, entertained, and tickled with laughter!

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The Magic of Close-Up

Witness mind-blowing magic right before your eyes! Carl Charlesworth is a master of close-up magic, bringing the impossible to life in the palm of your hand. Prepare to have your mind blown!


Magician by Day, Comedian by Night


Get ready for a double dose of entertainment! Not only is Carl an incredible magician, but he's also a hilarious comedian. Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt and be left in awe at his magical abilities.


Bristol's Finest Magician & Comedian


Carl Charlesworth is Bristol's go-to magician and comedian for all your entertainment needs. He'll leave you wondering how he does it while rolling on the floor with laughter.

Magician Bristol

Ahoy, Bristolians and Brizzle enthusiasts! Buckle up for a magical ride because Carl Charlesworth, the Wizard of Whimsy and Bristol's Banter Baron, is all set to turn your event into a laughter-laden extravaganza!

Why Carl Charlesworth? Because Bristol Deserves a Dash of Daftness!

In a city known for its suspension bridge and street art, Carl is here to add a bit of magical suspension and comedic artistry to your gathering. Prepare for a performance that's more vibrant than Stokes Croft on a Saturday night!

Carl's Capers – Closer Than a Balloon Seller to the Clifton Balloon Fiesta!

  1. Close-Up Magic – Closer Than the Hot Air Balloons in Ashton Court: Carl's magic isn't just up close; it's practically in your cider. Watch cards shuffle, coins teleport, and your skepticism vanish quicker than a cider enthusiast at a local brewery.

  2. Comedic Brilliance – Jokes Sharper Than a Bristolian Accent: Get ready for a comedy show that's as cheeky as a Banksy mural! Carl's banter is sharper than the Avon Gorge, and his jokes are so witty they could outsmart a seagull eyeing your chips on the harbourside.

  3. Audience Participation – Because Even in Bristol, We Love a Good Gert Lush Time: Prepare to be part of the uproariously Bristolian spectacle! Carl loves turning your mates into accomplices, creating a vibe so gert lush it might just be declared a local landmark

Booking Carl Charlesworth – Because Bristol Knows a Good Knees-Up When It Sees One!

To secure the services of Bristol's chuckle conjurer, contact us at:

📞 Call: 07749 541943

📧 Email

Disclaimer: No balloons, bridges, or street artists were harmed during the creation of this magical extravaganza


Carl Charlesworth is a certified Bristol Banterologist (again, not a real thing, but it should be).

Bristol, get ready for a whimsical whirlwind of laughter and magic! Carl Charlesworth is here to ensure your event is more legendary than a pirate's tale from the docks. 🎩✨

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