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Carl Charlesworth


Performing at private events and comedy clubs around the UK

If you would like to book me for your comedy club, here is my comedy CV

Previous Performances:

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“Carl had our audience in stitches from start to finish. His ability to connect with the crowd and deliver side-splitting jokes made our event a resounding success!" - Amanda Bloom. Sheffield

"We hired Carl for our company's annual dinner, and it was the highlight of the night! His comedic timing and clever jokes had everyone roaring with laughter." - Sally Moorfeld. London

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About me.. As a comedian

I started my life as an entertainer in 1999. I started out just as a magician. I became a full time magician in 2007. I have, and am still having a great life as a professional entertainer


In 2018 I thought, "People love my stand up magic show. I wonder if I can stand up in front of a comedy club audience - without magic, and tell jokes? Will people laugh?"

So, wanting to expand my world as an entertainer, I decided to have a go. I went online and searched, "open mic new material comedy club spots". I managed to secure five spots at different comedy clubs; London, St Albans, Sheffield, Northampton and Milton Keynes

My first attempt was a disaster! By disaster, I mean people didn't laugh. In my mind that was a disaster. A big fat fail! Why? Because I got so used to making audiences laugh with my comedy magic act. My second attempt wasn't much better. But I know why. I was over confident. I didn't rehearse. I just made bullet points I thought I could turn into funny stories / jokes on the night. My ego said, "you've been a comedy magician for nineteen years, so you know how to make an audience laugh!"

I was so wrong.. Sooooo wrong to think that just because I can get belly laughs performing my magic show, I can get laughs without the tricks!

What I didn't realise is that stand up comedy is a harder to master than stand up magic. I knew something had to change before the next attempts!


You see, it's not difficult to make certain magic tricks funny if you know how to perform. And I do know how to perform. I became a master of performance.... Of comedy magic!

I went back to the drawing board to figure out how I can become a stand up comedian.

I wrote down my thoughts. They were something along the lines of this: 

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I did everything on my "how do I make people laugh without magic" list, except master the art of stand up comedy.

I'm good at it. I make audiences laugh. But six years in, I can't say I've mastered it. I've mastered the art of magic, but that's because I'm 25 years in

Although I am not a master of stand up comedy, I know how to make an audience laugh, and I enjoy doing that. So come see me at a comedy club or hire me for an event

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