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What Carl's Customers are Saying

Last Updated 04 January 2023

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"Carl, you were amazing! Thank you so much for making Ellis' birthday party such a good one! I can honestly say I've never seen so many kids enraptured for the whole show, and also so many parents crying with laughter! Pure genius! Thank you so much. You were nothing more than professional, and the feedback was amazing! Thank you"!! Michelle. Hertford.


"Hi Carl, I just wanted to thank you again for the great show on Saturday. Alex said it was "the best birthday party EVER". Very funny, age-appropriate humour and entertaining for the adults too - we liked Dinosaur the best! Great stuff, I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends. Best wishes". Hannah Mackenzie. Stevenage.

"A HUGE thank you. Parents I spoke to said how much they enjoyed the show. One teacher told me that she thinks you are loads better than the entertainment they have at their school over Christmas, and the kids' faces told me just how much they were loving it as well. I was just with Sebastian who is STILL awake, and he was still talking about you and how much fun it was today. So I am a very happy parent and feel so lucky that I found your details on the internet and that you were available. Martin feels the same. I know we will be booking you again". Allegra. Kingston, Milton Keynes.

"We were watching so close! We still couldn't see how you were doing it. So Good! Thank you for your performance and your time during the filming". Director - What Would Your Kid Do - ITV.

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"Hi Carl. I can’t thank you enough for the show last Saturday, we all loved it! All week different parents have commented on how much they loved the show too! I have already been on your Facebook page and left a review too. Your show surpassed all my expectations, I had a gut feeling you would be good, but you were brilliant. Adding in some adult and child friendly jokes, just makes the show even more fun. I most definitely would not hesitate in booking your services again and have already recommended you to several friends. I am a small business owner like you, so I totally appreciate the power of ‘word of mouth’ referrals and be assured I will recommend you wherever possible". Jasmine Dell. Towcester

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"We've hired Magic Carl twice now...First was for my son when he was 6 three years ago and again for my daughter for her 7th birthday at the weekend now lockdown is over! He was so good again!...the kids were in fits of laugher for the whole 2 hour package he did for us! as I walked into school for drop off today the kids were all nattering about Monkey! so so funny...the mums all agree Magic Carl was so funny! They said the party was epic and I knew I was right to hire him again! He really makes the party and even keeps the adults entertained! I would 100% hire him again.... knowing your entertainer will turn up no matter what is amazing! I wouldn't trust anyone else! Well done Magic smashed it again"! Jennifer Denning

"Hiya Carl, I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, honestly you really made Noah’s birthday, also reports I’ve had back from some parents too, there was a few who were literally crying with laughter! The children all throughly enjoyed the show too! It was a pleasure to have met you, you are a fantastic at what you do and I’m absolutely considering booking you for my birthday next year! Take care". Rachel & Noah. Towcester.

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"Absolute top guy. Kept a room of fives in a mesmerised state for 45 minutes. Applause and laughter from all the adults too. I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for a magician. So glad we found you. Thanks for making our little boys birthday". Nicki Shea. Ware, Hertfordshire.

"Carl is brilliant! You have to see this! Come to Vegas with us". Jamie Oliver - Celebrity Chef


"Absolutely amazing! Lots of fun both for the kids and grown ups. Highly Recommended"! Mariam

"Fantastic fun! Incredibly engaging, patient and fab with the children. The adults enjoyed his humour and presence as much as the children"! Claudia Tyvia Cooper-Champniss

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I've just made a new Facebook page dedicated to Magic Carl, Children's Entertainer. Please leave your reviews here. I have loads on my Carl Charlesworth, Magician page. Thank you!

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recommended kids entertainer

"Hi Magic Carl. What a fantastic show! We all had a wonderful time. My husband said he was in stitches, so was I, and I know that the other parents found it refreshing. It's so nice to have good entertainment and not drab that we have to sit through"! Katie. Leighton Buzzard.

"Hey Fella! Thanks again for yesterday. The girls really loved it. I also loved the magic but will only admit that in the privacy of my own home.. Ooops"! Keith Farnan. TV Comedian - Harrow.

"Massive thank you for hosting Jakes birthday party yesterday. Everyone loved you. Lots of compliments from parents who saw you too". Anne. Oxley Park, MK.


"Dear Carl, Thank you for the great job you did entertaining the Children at the christening. You kept the Children captivated very well, and the adults enjoyed it too. Thanks again". Simon and Debbie. Hereford.


"Brilliant show Magic Carl". Shane Richie. Eastenders.

"I want to thank you for making both my children's day. Your act, interaction, and energy provided all 40 children (age 2-7) with an amazing experience. I have never experienced such a positive response from every parent and child following this party. My phone has been beeping continuously with thank you texts, saying how wonderful they thought it was, and how they enjoyed it. The teachers at both my children's school were saying how good it must have been, as the kids were still talking about it at school on Monday. THANK YOU". Nicole. Crawley Green, Luton.

"Carl kept a room of 20+ children (aged 3-6) entertained, amused and delighted at my son's birthday party this afternoon- it was lovely hearing so much laughter as I raced around! The show was a well balanced mix of tricks, jokes & ventriloquism. I was also impressed with how well he interacted with the children throughout, even when the more hyper ones (like the Birthday Boy) started to play up a little. Carl was impeccably presented, punctual and set up swiftly without needing any assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending him". Clare Harper-Lewis. Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes.


"We hired carl for my son's 6th birthday party....he was totally fab! He turned up on time, set up quickly and was very funny! I've had messages back from mums already saying their children said the magician was very funny so that's always a great sign! I wouldn't hesitate to book him again x thank you carl you were a star this afternoon". Jennifer Denning. Stevenage.


"Carl, what can I say? Fantastic. Floella loved it all. I've left your flyers in the hall and will promote your party skills. I hope sometime to see your close up magic skills, so I will be in touch when it's my birthday or even the "Cold front's" as she couldn't be there today. See you soon". Gordon. Newbold on Stour, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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"Just wanted to say, I've taken my little dude to a lot of kids parties, but out of them all, you're definitely the top entertainer. Really excellent fun. You kept the attention of all the kids at Max's party in Dunstable yesterday. Carl, well done, that ain't easy, but you breezed it. Thanks, you made me giggle and brightened our day, so fair play to you". Sara Harding. Dunstable.


"Isabelle loved her 5th birthday party. You had all the children (and adults) in fits of laughter and engaged the whole way through. A small miracle I felt with 4-5 year-olds. They loved the dancing and magic show and talked about it for weeks. Thank you once again on doing a great job. I bet you would be hilarious for an adult party! Best wishes". Lynette. Little Kimble, Bucks.


"A great addition to any party. I saw Carl at a friends party and thought he appealed to both adults and children. I booked him for a family party and he was a great success and one of my guests book him. Really good fun entertainment". Maureen O'Sullivan. Croydon.


"Thank you so much for today Carl, had amazing feedback from the parents and the children. It's been called 'the party of the year' so thank you so much. Feel free to add me on facebook and take any photos you want. Car'leigh is still beaming from ear to ear! I can't thank you enough. You made my little girls day". Charlotte Lawrence. Sandy, Bedfordshire.

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"Hi Carl, Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic party on Saturday - all of the children loved it and Ewan was made to feel really special. He keeps talking about his favourite bits, and on Sunday morning his first words weren't good morning mum - he wanted to tell me that he'd thought of another favourite thing from the show: the dragon being lifted into the air by the balloon. Bearing in mind this was the 5th or 6th favourite thing, you clearly made an impact! Thanks again". Sarah. South East.

"Hi Carl, What a success today was! I have to let you know that the messages from parents are that their children either played magic shows or chatted non stop about magic Carl when they got home. So well done and thank you for a great show". Anna Ross. Henlow.

"Hello Carl. Thank you for being the best magician ever at Millie's Party on Sunday. You are the topic of conversation with all the children and adults who were at the party. I think everyone will be talking about how good you were for weeks to come. You truly made her party a very special one. She had the most amazing time, and has already told me she is having you next year". Lorna. Bucknell, Oxon.


"Fab party!! Thanks Carl, you were amazing!! Your show appeals to both children and adults alike! Aaron asked if you can come to his 7th birthday party". Sheetal Patel. Milton Keynes.

"Carl made me laugh so much during his magic show. The kids loved him. His adult humour struck a chord with many and he had the whole pub chuckling for an hour! A lovely guy. Very talented! Guaranteed to be a hit"! Emily Wheeler​​

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"Thanks so much for entertaining the children (and adults) on Saturday. For the previous 10 years, we had used the same guy and I’m so pleased we took the plunge at last as you were brilliant! I’ve had some really positive feedback with a few saying they were hoping to use you for future events which is great. Thanks again and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year". Jane Horwood. - VocaLink. Rickmansworth.


"Had the pleasure of watching Carl yesterday evening, absolutely brilliant and engaging. Whether you're 5 or 50, You'll love his performance. AMAZING magic and great humour too!! Thank you for a fantastic eve, Carl". Michelle Deenah. Birmingham.

"Hi Magic Carl! You performed at my daughter Freya's party. I wanted to say a big thank you for making the party such a success. You had some incredibly strong characters to contend with and you were not phased in the slightest. Freya has seen your show on a number of occasions at other parties but laughed the whole way through as did all her friends. Everyone commented after the party about how you appeal to both the children and the adults. So nice for parents watching to actually enjoy themselves too!!! Freya had the best time and I love the way you make the birthday child the center of attention! She really felt like a star on her special day! I have given your details to lots of parents so hope you get some bookings as a result. Many thanks again"! Clare Foxell. Chearsley.

"What an amazing performance! Thank you so much. You're ace! Everyone loved you and the kids are here still trying to perform card tricks on everyone!! 😆 thanks for agreeing to do this at such short notice too". Rosemarie Deenah.Birmingham.


"Very funny show. Can't wait to see it again. Loved it" Sid Sloane CBeebies.

“Hi Carl, Thank you so much for the entertainment yesterday at Violet and Katie’s party. They had the best day and were laughing their heads off all day, you were brilliant! All the kids had a great time and so did the grown ups!! Thanks again”. Gail. Bletchley, Milton Keynes 

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"Hi Carl, Many thanks again for an excellent kids show. The parents could not stop talking about how amazed they were that their children were engaged in the entertainment for 2 hours. Fabulous entertainment from someone who understands what children really want. Fantastic! Cheers". Simon and Sonia. Watford​.

"Carl, Fantastic job at the party today! I'm normally tearing my hair out and watching the clock religiously by the end, but not today!! You're like a Pixar film... designed for kids but can make the adults laugh too! Not only did you entertain the kids amazingly well (and you obviously have the patience of a saint), you also inspired them. Tamzin came home and kept performing magic tricks. Do you enjoy yourself as much as you seem to? Take care". Kathryn James. Henlow.


"Dear Magic Carl, Thank you for a fantastic show. Absolutely magic! It is difficult to know who enjoyed the show most. Was it the birthday boy, his friends or the assorted adults? All the parents have said they and their children enjoyed Ben's party. They would say that, wouldn't they? Well, actually, no they wouldn't. We have seen several shows recently so can honestly say yours is the best. The best by a wide margin. Keep up the good work and we will recommend you gladly to others. Kind regards". Adrian, Julie and Ben Herbert. London.

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"Carl, I just want to say thank you so much for yesterday. You really are a fantastic entertainer. I have had loads of calls today saying how amazing you were. You have a fantastic act and kept the kids engaged more than anyone I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot). Thanks again for making my daughters party so great. I'd recommend you to anyone". Rachel. Milton Keynes.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic entertainment at Casey’s birthday party! So funny and you kept the children engaged throughout! Many thanks". Helen Brown. Bedford. 


"Thank you very much for entertaining all the children at Sam’s party on Friday. He had such a great time, and has been talking about it ever since! You were amazingly patient with the children! Many thanks". Zandy. Aston Abbotts, Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire.


"Hi Carl, I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of the children, parents and staff of Olney Pre-School. I think you could tell from children's laughter how much they enjoyed the show and my daughter has been telling anyone who will listen this afternoon about the naughty talking rabbit Thank you so much for making our Christmas party such a special one. Do hope to see you again". Nicola Norbury. Olney.

"Dear Magic Carl, Thank you so much for performing at Lewis and Hope's party. Everyone really enjoyed the show and you impressed the parents who were there, as they were talking about you at the school. Will definitely have you at the next party and my wedding. You are great, many thanks". Kelly and Steve. Linslade​​.

"In the spirit of recommendations, I thought you would be interested in a very talented magician and entertainer I found who captivated ten children and twenty adults for two hours. Our celebrations started at 4pm and Carl carried everyone through the subsequent (and difficult) 5.30-7.30 'dip' in the proceedings between kids party (because most of our friends have children) and the evening bash for grown ups. Carl is dynamic, professional, funny, personable and highly flexible - he switched from "Magic Carl" (kids entertainer) to "Carl" (professional magician) without a hitch, and both acts were very different and highly entertaining. Funny thing - the kids still wanted to get involved with the later act, and none of the adults missed a moment of the earlier show. Just thought you might want to add him to your network of recommended 'suppliers'". (Emailed to Wedding Supplier). Piers Burgoyne. Buckinghamshire.


"Carl, A BIG thankyou from all 3 of us mums and dads, for doing SUCH a super job for Alice, Isobel and Amelia on Saturday. Us adults REALLY found you funny... But the kids also were delighted and LOVED your show! You are an amazing talent and great find for all of us when organising a party. Thank you for your flexibility on the time. I do appreciate your prompt replies and professionalism. Look after 'Princess and Perry'!! Best wishes". Anna Chanter. Hertford.


"Dear Magic Carl. Thank you so much for the fantastic show today. There is nothing better in this world than seeing your own child fall to the floor from laughter, as mine did today! Heartfelt thanks". Sonia. Buckingham.

"Carl, you were fantastic. Even the adults enjoyed it, brilliant, thank you". Dominic Byrne - Radio 1 / TV Voiceover​.

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"Carl, Many thanks for the wonderful entertainment you gave the children on Sunday at Max's Christening. You were so calm with the children and all I could hear were shreaks of giggles from them! You really have been one of the best entertainers we've had. Thanks so much and we will definitely be in touch again for Maddie or Pollyanna's birthdays". Tiggy Corben. North London.

"Dear Magic Carl, I just wanted to say thank you for making Tommy's 5th birthday one definitely to remember! He thoroughly enjoyed it, as did his little sister. I've had some texts already from parents telling me their children enjoyed your entertainment very much too. Mel, Tommy's sister, has already said she wants you to entertain at her 5th birthday next year, so hopefully we'll see you then! Thanks again". Jacqui. South East.

"Hi Carl, Thank you so much for helping to make our event such a success yesterday. Everyone thought you were great! Kind Regards". AnnaFoster Carers Association.


"I would like to say thank you for your assistance and help to make our family day such a big success, a good time was had by all. Again thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future". Christina Clarke - Gulfstream.


"I just wanted to thank you again for the magic show at Alex's party yesterday. I have had a lot of the mums tell me at playgroup this morning that their boys had a really good time. Alex was really pleased too! Kind regards". Julia. Leighton Buzzard.

"Hi Carl, Just to thank you for another fabulous show at Louisa's 6th birthday today. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the games and the magic show, and it is a great relief for hard-pressed parents to be able to hand over entertainment duties to a professional! That makes three years in a row for Louisa, and I wouldn't bet against her demanding another helping next year. All the best". Stuart and Samantha Calder. (Again) Hertfordshire.


"Carl gave us such a terrific party for our son's 6th birthday. Parents and kids alike laughed from start to finish, and the birthday boy loved every minute. It's a really special talent to be able to entertain so many different ages, and keep the attention of 25 young children for 90 minutes! Thank you so much, Carl - we can't wait to see you again in the future". Rebecca Chamberlain. Milton Keynes.


"This guy was absolutely fantastic with my daughter who has Cri du chat. He made her feel very much like she was part of the act. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. Thanks Carl for a fabulous night". Lisa Hayling. Milton Keynes.


"Hi Carl, Thank you for a great magic show today. I was impressed that you fascinated all the children across the age range (3-7) - and still had time to make the parents laugh their heads off. I thought your ventriloquism was excellent and your characters were captivating and funny. I would definitely recommend you. Thanks again". Katie. Milton Keynes.

"Dear Carl, thank you for your wonderful show which we had the pleasure of seeing last week at our son's 5th birthday. We were slightly concerned what we would do with 24 children in our house but our worries disappeared as soon as your show started. Every child, including some 2 year olds, was glued to the show for the full 45 minutes. One of our initial concerns was what if they got bored after 10 minutes.. We now wish we had booked the longer performance!!! Your show is absolutely brilliant, the way you talk and interact with the children on their level shows real professionalism. Once again thank you for making our son's birthday party so special and we will definitely see you again in the near future". Michael & Lisa Harvey. Bucks.


"Very funny, includes jokes for the adults and handles the children well including those with special needs". Elaine Precious. Buckinghamshire

"Just a quick thank you. That was brilliant, perfectly pitched - you got lots of compliments. It made the whole day extra special. I fully understand why you get repeat bookings". Jo Olney, Buckinghamshire


"Thank you so much for entertaining all children and adults at Dalya's party yesterday. I've had many positive comments from everyone who came, who said what a great entertainer you are, and that it was a great party. It was amazing to see you keep both kids and adults amused and quiet. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. Thank you". Jayne. MK.


"Dear Carl, Just a small note to say a big thank you for your entertainment at Henry's party on 14th May. Everyone had a fabulous afternoon, and that was in part due to your fun performance. The children and parents really enjoyed the magic, puppetry and balloons. Very best wishes". Clare Lycett. Huntingdon.

"Hi Carl. I wanted to say a big thank you for entertaining Harrison & his friends at his 5th Birthday Party this afternoon. He absolutely loved it. I'm sure you'll be the talk of the playground for some time! You are by a long margin the best children's magician & entertainer myself and the other parents have seen. We can honestly say, we loved you as much as the kids did. You made Harrison's day a very memorable one, which he will remember as one of the best! You are worth every penny for the smile you put on my sons face all afternoon, you certainly deserved the Peroni for putting up with the kids!! Thanks again once more, we will be recommending you to all, just fabulous. Thank you". Emma Joyce. (a very happy mummy) x Rushden, Northamptonshire.

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"Hi Carl, Just a short note to say many thanks for the fantastic show you put on for Sam and his friends. He was being quiet during the show and I wasn't sure he was going to get up and come out the front with you, but I'm really happy that you made him feel at ease and he did come up and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He still keeps talking about Perry! A couple of parents have asked for your details and we have happily passed them on so I hope you will see some more bookings". James. Aylesbury.

"Hello Carl. Thank you so much for an amazing party. The kids loved you, the parents loved you more! You made Skye’s day a very special one". Angélique Wright. Hollingdon, Buckinghamshire.

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for entertaining the kids (and adults) at my son's 6th birthday party in September. Kai absolutely loved his day and does not stop talking about you, and how much you made him and his friends laugh. Lots of parents and kids have all said how much they enjoyed watching your show. You really made Kai's day and were a godsend for my husband and I who would have been stuck with entertaining 38 kids our self if it were not for you. Many many thanks; we cannot recommend you highly enough. All the best". Tanya and Steve. Houghton Regis, Beds.


"Hi Carl, I just wanted to thank you for doing a brilliant magic show for Tom on Sunday. All the kids were spellbound and the adults thought it was hilarious too! We will definitely recommend you to our friends! Many thanks again". Sophie Aldwinckle. Herts.


"Hi Carl, Big thank you, the show was wonderful! My son had a fantastic time he can't stop talking about it, especially enjoyed assisting you. All the kids thought the rat was great; he gave them a real surprise! I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. Hope to see you perform again". Gemma. Bedfordshire.

"Hi Carl, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for Tom and Roxie's Party on Sunday. Every child had a great time and not only did you hold their attention for the whole party but had them absolutely absorbed, which is a major achievement for anyone!! Returning to school this morning many of the parents that stayed at the party commented on what a great entertainer you were and that they enjoyed it as much as the children did, our party was the talk of the playground! I truly hope that you receive some enquiries on the back of this and will certainly be recommending you to family and friends. Kind Regards". Joanne Cleaver.


"Hi Carl, Just to say thank you very much for the wonderful show you did for our daughter's birthday (Olivia) on Monday 19th. It was worth every penny and we will most definitely book you again for Amy's party in May. We will also recommend you where we can". April Major.

"Thanks so much for entertaining at our daughters (Millie) 6th party today, we were really pleased, as were the children, with your show. Rest assured I have already been recommending you"!! Richard, Karen and Millie. Broughton.


"Hi Magic Carl, Thank you for the party today. Elissia and Spencer had a great time and I am sure all the other children did too! I know all the parents were complimenting you as well! I know we had a lot of children there and some over active boys!! We thought you handled them brilliantly! Thanks again! Well worth the money!! Kind regards". Jules, Mark and Elissia Westwood.

“Awesome doesn’t really describe Magic Carl and his children’s magic show enough. Not only did he capture the attention of nearly 30 children for 90 minutes, he kept them laughing. He kept me laughing throughout.  It was a delight to see my normally shy daughter laughing her head off.  Professional, on time and super friendly. I can’t recommend enough”. ***** 𝘊𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘺 𝘌𝘭𝘴𝘰𝘯 - Shefford. 


"Thanks again for today Carl we all had a fab time. Even the grandparents were giggling all the way through. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends & family". Meera.


"We had Carl at our event last Saturday and he was absolutely brilliant. Very funny and very professional. Highly recommend". Lucy Santos.


"Hello Carl. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your brilliant show at George’s party. You were utterly fantastic and George was really chuffed with the whole thing. And amazingly you got him to come up front with you, which was just lovely to see! Thank you again – hope we’ll see you at another party soon". Megan.


"I just wanted to say that your performance was fantastic. I have recommended you to my family and friends. Everybody who attended our party said you were amazing, and all the children really enjoyed it. Thank you for giving us a brilliant performance. I will definitely be coming back to your company for your service, you were outstanding. Best magician I have seen by far. Once again thank you so very much! Your show was the perfect ending to a great party". Siddiqua. Kempston, Bedford.


"Dear Carl. Thank you so much for performing at my daughter's 11th Birthday Party! We loved every minute of this lovely celebration. You truly are such a gifted and talented magician"! Natalia Makarenko. Chandler's Cross, Watford.

"We arranged for Magic Carl to provide entertainment at our 8 year olds birthday party recently. Despite 2 rather annoying guests he provided brilliant entertainment and kept the children fixated for the entire show. It was lovely to hear such a roar of laughter from all the children and there were several jokes aimed at the adults too which made us all laugh. I would recommend Carl to anyone looking for a birthday party entertainer we thoroughly enjoyed and my daughter is still talking about how she ended up with 3 foam balls in her hand when he only gave her 1!! Thank you for coming to our party and for providing memories for our daughter that will last a lifetime that’s so precious". Sarah Triste. Henlow.

"Hi Carl, Thank you so much for a wonderful party today. We had so much fun, and so many of the parents told us how much they enjoyed it too - never what you expect when you tag along with your child to a birthday party! - and Alex loved every minute of it! You really are terrific at what you do, and we can't thank you enough for making Alex's 6th birthday (and our last hall party) so special. We won't hesitate to recommend you and can't wait for another opportunity to book you in the future. With very best wishes". Andy and Becky Chamberlain (and Ben and Alex)

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"Hi carl. Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything yesterday. Everyone has such a great time, keep getting mums texting me that they have not laughed so much in ages. You really made her birthday. Thanks once again" Heena. Northampton.

"Carl is absolutely fantastic!!!! The best children's entertainer. All the audience are engrossed and his current puppet has the kids and grown ups wanting more!!! Would recommend him every time 🙂 Thank you Carl for such good birthday parties for my kids and also the shows for our Cub Scout pack". Cat Ruth

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