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Close up Magician, Buckingham | Wedding Magician, Buckingham
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Greetings, Buckingham buddies! Hold onto your top hats and tea cups because Carl Charlesworth, the Sultan of Silliness and Master of Mischief, is ready to turn your event into a Buckinghamshire bonanza of laughter and magic!

Why Choose Carl Charlesworth? Because Buckingham Deserves the Best, and He's It!

In a town known for its grandeur and regal charm, only one magician can match the charm of Buckingham – and that's Carl Charlesworth! Expect more fun than a corgi chasing a runaway crown

Carl's Magical Capers – Closer Than a Royal Corgi to a Tasty Scone!

  1. Close-Up Magic – As Intimate as a Royal Tea with the King: Carl doesn't just do tricks; he performs miracles under your very nose. Watch coins disappear faster than a British summer and cards transform like the changing of the guards at Windsor Castle.

  2. Comedy Royalty – Jokes Sharper Than a Cucumber Sandwich: Get ready for a comedy coronation! Carl's humour is so on point; even the King would crack a smile. His jokes are as British as queuing and as timeless as a vintage double-decker bus.

  3. Audience Participation – Because Even Buckingham Deserves a Bit of Royal Chaos: Be prepared to be part of the spectacle! Carl loves turning your friends and family into unwitting accomplices. The only thing more magical than his tricks is how he manages to involve everyone without causing a palace revolt

Booking Carl Charlesworth – Because Buckingham Knows Class When It Sees It!

To secure the services of Buckingham's comedy magician, contact us at:

📞 Call: 07749 541943

📧 Email

Carl Charlesworth – Buckingham's magician extraordinaire – is certified by the King himself (well, in our dreams)

Buckingham, get ready for a jolly good time! Carl Charlesworth is here to add a touch of magic and a dash of hilarity to your event. It's Buckingham's turn to sparkle, and Carl's the one holding the wand! 🎩✨

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