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Close up Magician, Cambridge | Wedding Magician, Cambridge
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Greetings, Cambridge connoisseurs of comedy and enchantment! Prepare to be astounded, amused, and thoroughly entertained because Carl Charlesworth, the Maestro of Mirth and Wizard of Wonders, is ready to weave his magic into your event! - Okay, okay, that was a bit tacky, sorry..

Why Carl Charlesworth? Because Cambridge Deserves a Dose of Delight!

In a city renowned for its intellect, Carl brings the perfect blend of brains and belly laughs. Imagine Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity, only this time, it's the weight of your laughter that'll leave a lasting impression!

Carl's Marvellous Moments – Closer Than a Student to a Pint at The Eagle!

  1. Close-Up Magic – As Close as Punting on the Cam: Carl's magic isn't just up close; it's practically in your pocket. Watch in awe as cards dance, coins disappear, and your skepticism surrenders faster than a May Ball ticket.

  2. Comedy Genius – Jokes Sharper Than a Mathematician's Pencil: Get ready for a comedic calculus of hilarity! Carl's wit is sharper than a Cambridge graduate's critique, and his jokes are so clever they might just solve the mysteries of the universe.

  3. Audience Participation – Because Even a Genius Needs to Get Involved: Brace yourselves to be part of the magical equation! Carl loves turning your friends into accomplices, creating a formula for fun that even Newton would applaud

Booking Carl Charlesworth – Because Cambridge Knows Genius When It Sees It!

To secure the services of Cambridge's chuckle conjurer, contact us at:

📞 Call: 07749 541943

📧 Email

Carl Charlesworth is certified by the Cambridge Comedy Council (not a real thing, but it should be)

Cambridge, get ready for an intellectual rollercoaster of laughter and amazement! Carl Charlesworth is here to sprinkle some magic into your event, proving that even in the land of scholars, a good laugh is the real knowledge. 🎩✨

close up magician cambridge
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